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What is Bemer?

Bio-Electromagnetic Energy Regulation. The working mechanism of BEMER consists of the transmission of a patented multi-dimensionally configured signal (waveform). This unique signal is transmitted into the body via an electromagnetic field meaning that it is the BEMER signal and not the electromagnetic field that acts as the “agent” that stimulates the circulatory response.

My Bemer Story

I bought a Bemer device for my Daughter, Lynn, in June 2013 after she had brain surgery for neuro inflammatory issues classified as Grade II Cancer. Paired with other issues including serious Lyme Disease found in a spinal tap, Lupus, Mold and Immune Deficiency, she was unable to use traditional medical treatments. It was recommended to try holistic therapy provided by Doug Phillips using the protocol of Dr. Klinghardt, MD, PHD.
The Bemer was recommended to enable her to get nutrients, vitamins and herbal protocols delivered effectively to her entire blood system and generate the blood flow of white & red blood cells. We are blessed with the progress since using the Bemer. She has been able to maintain her condition, as it has helped with movement, pain levels, sleep and not being in a wheelchair as she was after the brain surgery. Fighting the cancer is ongoing as she is not in remission at this time.

After extensive research for Lynn, and me being in my mid 70’s myself, I saw the benefits of using the Bemer in the aging community. Although not having any medical diagnosis, I have been using holistic protocols for many years. I’ve noticed a remarkable increase in my flexibility, energy and ability to focus after using the Bemer therapy for the last 18 months.I became involved in the company to be able to share this with family, friends and colleagues in hopes this would make a difference in their lives

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